The Crew

Remmy The leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's big into streaming, couldn't you tell? As far as refrerences go, it's right on queue - He's the first member of the RemX crew!

Shera The sweet, small, mother of the crew, Shera has a heart of gold and persistance of a real mom. She understands the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts.

BuffRiku Lives in a trash can, but not afraid to try the dangerous games we dare not touch. Enjoys repainting game textures into nightmare creations. Also helps out the Vinesauce community.

GarretInternational Code Monkey Extraordinaire, and lead programmer of Neon Deity Games.

Joe Teal cat who enjoys playing a cat keyboard. Purveyor of classic, ancient memes. Also wears too many plaid shirts.

Fuzzy Proxy Goes by they/them, this purple chiptune cat enjoys anime and obscure JRPGs like candy.

Wayne Pixel artist for Neon Deity Games, and many of other projects (including this page!). Enjoys cats and butts.

Nocturne Coonz A giant teddy bear, The Coonz is comprised of 50 percent laughter and 50 percent salt.

Grant West Coast streamer, probably streams more consistantly than the others! A beast at Rocket League.